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{July 19, 2011}   Wash Your Hands

     I know from past experience that it is important to wash your hands after touching things that many people touch, so I wash my hands as often as possible.  Any place that is frequented regularly by many different people.  It doesn’t mean the establishment is dirty, it only means, well we really don’t know where those people had their hands at before touching what we are about to touch.  It also helps prevent the spread of viruses, colds and disease such as eczema https://honeybeezblog.wordpress.com/2011/07/19/wash-your-hands/ which was passed around on a mouse to my daughter at work, then to me as she was using my computer at home.  It was hard to get rid of but finally I did through natural sources.  It was so long ago I don’t remember everything I tried but finally killed it with olive oil  mixed with other natural cures plus changes in diet.  I probably used the Duke’s”http://www.greenpharmacy.com/   remedies from his first book since his book,  was like my bible back then.  Still is.  He is the God of natural cures and always will be, in my book any way.

{July 16, 2011}   Mercury Migraine?

     I was reading last evening and I happen to run across some information about the high content of mercury in canned tuna.  I was still weak from the migraine I had the day before and still don’t feel real dapper.  I had a tuna salad made with canned albacore tuna the night before the migraine.  It was the worst tuna I have ever eaten.  I had to keep dumping stuff in to camouflage it so I could get it down.  It didn’t smell spoiled.  How do you know when canned tuna is spoiled?  My dad always told us never eat canned food if the top is puffed up instead of flat.  so I’m careful about that.  The albacore tuna can was flat as normal.  I read how the canned tuna is incredibly high in mercury content and that mercury can cause food poisoning, nerve and brain damage.  So now I’m wondering if the mercury caused the migraine.   Let’s do some research now…. http://fyiliving.com/diet/nutrition/tuna-higher-in-mercury-than-previously-thought/  This next site gives chart of how much to consume safely.  http://www.nrdc.org/health/effects/mercury/tuna.asp  This next site describes chronic mercury poisoning effects http://www.mercurypoisoned.com/symptoms.html  Scarry: http://earthjustice.org/our_work/campaigns/cleaning-up-mercury-protecting-our-health?gclid=CPnn5qe0hqoCFQoJ2godSjlmxQ  Types of mercury poisoning  http://www.ehow.com/about_5103739_signs-mercury-poisoning.html   More http://www.arltma.com/MercuryToxDoc.htm  Mercury detox http://www.claybaths.com.au/professional/mercury_poisoning_info.html  USA Today http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2004-02-08-mercury-usat_x.htm  mercury can enter every organ in you r body http://www.icnr.com/cs/cs_01.html 


I couldn’t find any studies that really link mercury to migraines so must have been a coincidence.


{July 15, 2011}   Migraines

     Yesterday – it started shortly after I got on the computer.  I rarely get them, only when my neck is out of wack.  Maybe I slept wrong or twisted too fast.  I don’t know but I know it has to do with my neck.  First goes the vision.  Sometimes some dizziness.  Have to get to a dark quiet place quickly to head it off at the pass or could get nasty.  First thing I do is get as relaxed as I can and close my eyes and hopefully the vision comes back soon.  Sometimes it takes awhile.  Longer than I have time for when I’m working on something.  It didn’t go away fast.  Then comes the headache.  In and out for a while.  Then the nausea.  Most times if I get settled quickly it goes away.  Not this time.  It wanted to linger.  This time I was incapable of doing much at all.  Actually felt like i was going to pass out.  Finally had to lay down.  The headaches are different from normal headaches.  They are in waves like electrical currents and they feel heavy.  Head is too heavy to hold up.  They are very draining.  I was pretty much useless for the whole day.  Still feel somewhat drained even today.  A pinched nerve in my neck or it’s out of wack in some way.  Maybe too much continuous carrying of something or too much lifting.  Those are the things that cause my migraines.  Think my neck got messed up the last time I was hit by a car – suv.  So maybe whiplash can cause migraines.  There are other reasons for migraines but I know mine are caused by neck problems because that’s the only time I have them.  I just take two aspirin and wait it out.  The main thing that works for me is to get my whole body relaxed.  Untighten all muscles. 

Any tips are welcome on this subject.

{July 13, 2011}   Budgeting – Yuk

Budgeting, Budgeting – yuk.  Who wants to budget?  It really sucks!  Don’t you just want to go out and buy antything you NEED anytime you want?  Well kiss those days goodbye.  If you ever had those days.  I mean if you were once in a position to do that, those days are definately over with this economy crunch being the worst since the depression.   You better start saving every dime you can NOW.  Everything is going up.  Way up!  Including our main source of survival.  Food.  I see big hikes in certain food items.  Such as, I use to get a 3oz jar of real bacon bits for less than two dollars and not long ago because it’s one of my regular items.  Bought a jar the other day at the same store, same brand I always puchase it at and it was $2.49.  that’s a big hike!  Over half a dollar.  I was paying about $1.89 before or 2 for $3.00 on sale.  If everything takes a big jump like that, we really will be headed for another depression.  Very sad and very scarry.

{July 12, 2011}   All The Wrong Places

Fat falling off In all the wrong places???  Ever notice how when you lose weight it always falls off in all the wrong places?  That’s how it is with me anyway.  Ever hear the phrase “no assatall?”  That’s where it always falls off of me first.  Yep the bottom.  I always lose weight where I haven’t got any fat to spare.  Of course the other major spot if falls off of is another place I have noooo fat to spare at all….yea you know what I’m talking about….the boobs!   I look in the mirror of a side view of myself and I see a board!  It’s really irritating to say the least…..but what are ya gona do?  Nuttin honey.  Nothing I can do about it.  That’s just how it is for me.  Just have to forget it and move on.  Be happy I’m still slim enough to wear a bikini and hit the beach.

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