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This Theme is adorable.  I had a hard time picking just one.  Mostly because I don’t know what I’m going to be doing on it yet and want the theme to match the niches.  The ideas I have in mind now I have blog names in mind to fit the niches. 

I like green too.  Green Plants, green food, green money…..LoL

Maybe I’ll make this the starting point for each.  Just not sure if anybody who is not looking for bees will find me here. 

Or maybe I’ll make this one my news spot.  Or maybe a catch all.

{February 12, 2010}   Newbie post

O-k  I’m just going to go for it.   Having as much trouble figuring out what to do with blogs as I was with my website.  Reason being when I read the terms they always say the blogs can’t be used for making money yet I keep reading how you can make money with blogs.   So kind of makes a person wonder. Does no mean yes?  Afraid to do much of anything after reading terms on most sites.  So will just start posting stuff and see what happens I guess.  Also I have been having trouble picking a niche because I have so many inerests.  Plus the niches I’m most interested in are hard to find what I need to get them going.  Now wondering how long I can make this post.  Don’t know if there is a rule on word count so again guess I will find that out too.   Well let’s see how this looks as nothing else is comming to mind at this moment to write. 

     I  really am learning a lot though and I like learning.  It seems the name I pick never fits what I end up doing.  I wanted to use the same nick name to link all I do on the net but since I signed up for this blog I found how many honey bee sites there are for actual honeybees and probably shouldn’t use the name but already have it.  So guess I’ll use this one to link to others???  Tips are much appreciated.

{February 11, 2010}   My Art


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