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{July 16, 2011}   Mercury Migraine?

     I was reading last evening and I happen to run across some information about the high content of mercury in canned tuna.  I was still weak from the migraine I had the day before and still don’t feel real dapper.  I had a tuna salad made with canned albacore tuna the night before the migraine.  It was the worst tuna I have ever eaten.  I had to keep dumping stuff in to camouflage it so I could get it down.  It didn’t smell spoiled.  How do you know when canned tuna is spoiled?  My dad always told us never eat canned food if the top is puffed up instead of flat.  so I’m careful about that.  The albacore tuna can was flat as normal.  I read how the canned tuna is incredibly high in mercury content and that mercury can cause food poisoning, nerve and brain damage.  So now I’m wondering if the mercury caused the migraine.   Let’s do some research now…. http://fyiliving.com/diet/nutrition/tuna-higher-in-mercury-than-previously-thought/  This next site gives chart of how much to consume safely.  http://www.nrdc.org/health/effects/mercury/tuna.asp  This next site describes chronic mercury poisoning effects http://www.mercurypoisoned.com/symptoms.html  Scarry: http://earthjustice.org/our_work/campaigns/cleaning-up-mercury-protecting-our-health?gclid=CPnn5qe0hqoCFQoJ2godSjlmxQ  Types of mercury poisoning  http://www.ehow.com/about_5103739_signs-mercury-poisoning.html   More http://www.arltma.com/MercuryToxDoc.htm  Mercury detox http://www.claybaths.com.au/professional/mercury_poisoning_info.html  USA Today http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2004-02-08-mercury-usat_x.htm  mercury can enter every organ in you r body http://www.icnr.com/cs/cs_01.html 


I couldn’t find any studies that really link mercury to migraines so must have been a coincidence.



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