Honeybeez blog

     I haven’t really decided yet what this blog is going to be about so for now it’s my toss anything in there bin. 

Can’t seem to get it to do much.  Tried to add more links to other blogs but couldn’t get them on the front page.  Any tips are appreciated.  Don’t know if the comment section is working either so you can see my other blogs too at http://eateryblog.wordpress.com/  The link to my other blog honeybee57 seems to be working on the frot page of this honeybeez blog. 

There’s a lot to learn and I have been in training on political issues extensively over the last few months plus trying to figure out how to make money on line so haven’t spent much time in here learning how to work this blog.  Don’t know too much about the other blog either for the same reasons but am able to ad links easily to the front page on http://honeybee57.blogspot.com

Have to write what’s on my mind when it pops into my head or I will loose it so don’t have time now to take lessons on working this blog. 

Just need to determine where I’m going to put what’s on my mind right now – which blog I mean.

I really like the theme on honeybeez blog but the other blog seems to be easier for people to access to read what I write. 

     I’m going to become a writer eventually.  Also I have an artistic side and would like to sell my art or ideas but not having any luck selling.  Thought about trying the art festivals but my back is too messed up for the lifting back and forth all the time that comes with that and want to make my back last as long as I can.  Bought three websites last year, computer, printer, office and art supplies and all I did was spend so any tips on selling my art & ideas without useing my back and spending would be appreciated because at this point, I’m already spent.

So that’s what I’m about, and this blog – for now.

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