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{June 20, 2011}   This one looks like

a sweet man……….

     That is one of the many things that goes through my mind as I am looking at the picture profiles of men on single’s sites.   I find myself making remarks about what I think they want, how they are.  Does everyone do that?  You know like Wow!  What a loooker! Or he looks too young.  This one is too young.  This one sounds like a salesman.  This one is looking for a lady who doesn’t play games – good luck with that.  Aren’t we all looking for that?  You only get to look at a handful unless you sign up and that’s rare.  Then when you sign up if you happen to find one of the looker’s who enticed you, they haven’t been on the site  for a really long time.  My thought then is well he found someone.  Good for him!  I never had any luck with these dating sites.  I usually just look and don’t do anything.  I finally got myself out to meet a few several years ago.  It just doesn’t work that way for me.  I can’t pick someone from online.  We can write anything we want but is that really who we are or….. who we want to be?  I agreed to meet at a restaurant for breakfast once with  a guy from a single’s site.  There was absolutely no attraction at all for either one of us yet we had corresponded online.  Then I tried a couple of those ring around the table dating events….”Speed Dating”.  Fun but no hits there either.  I did meet one guy at a dance once and we were both attracted at first site…but he was just leaving and I had just arrived with a friend.  That’s still the best way to meet I think.  For me anyway.  While you’re out and about and it just happens.  I see stories a lot about people finding the love of their life with online dating so It does happen to some.  Anyway it gives us something to do.

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