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{June 17, 2011}   How To Quit Smoking

Here are just a few tips on how to quit smoking:

1)     Go into a room or an establishment that does not allow smoking.  Note the

         clean air…….

2)     Take off your hat, coat, or scarf, or even your bag and leave it on a chair.

3)     Take a walk around the room or establishment and notice how clean 

         and fresh the air smells.

4)     Now come back to your chair where you left your article of wear or bag….

5)     As you approach your article, notice that unbearable stinch! 

6)     Try to realize how bad it really smells.  Did you figure out what’s causing it?

7)     Go back to your vehicle now to see if you notice the same horrible odor…..

8)     Do this several times until you figure out the culprit…….

9)     A heart felt suggestion si to – Stop Smoking!

10)   Kill three birds with one stone:  

          Save your health.

          Save lot’s of money.

          Have more friends.

Fun huh?

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