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{April 20, 2011}   WoodArt


{April 18, 2011}   Ready to go back

     This is kind of a waa – waa story.  You know kind of sad and pathetic so if you can’t take it don’t read any further.  But I’m guessing at least some of you have been there or near there a time or two yourselves.  When there’s only $10 left for 10 days or longer actually more like two weeks and not much food – heck some people don’t have any so I am grateful for the few bucks and some food that can be stretched and a place to fix it.  I just thank God I don’t have little ones to worry about.  That’s when it really gets stressful – when you have kids to feed and no money or food…..it’s heart wrenching……  I bet there’s a lot of people out there like that……especially right now with the economy so devastated.  So many loosing their homes.   Squint hard.  Is there even a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel?   Is there even still a tunnel?  Some times when times are tough, you may have to really skimp to eat.  I have been there several times in my life time.  I can remember a few times growing up when the 9 of us had to pass around a can of beans and take a bite or two each cuz that’s all there was and we were happy to have it.  Those were usually times between addresses when the folks ran out of money before they reached the destination of the new address and everything started over…….again…….and again.  It could have been worse.  We were always safe.

…….wish I was still a kid….playing with my dogs……riding my horse…..getting bucked off calves…….chasing chickens…….climbing trees………falling into the creek or swinging off the rope swing into the river…….fishing off the bank……………don’t we all?

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